Chatbot Development

These days, getting more leads and customers online is getting tougher and tougher. Competition is fierce, and it often feels like you have to fight tooth and nail for every new customer.

If this what you experience, maybe it’s time you look for a new communication channel with your prospects and customers that aren’t already saturated with marketers. A channel where all your audience already converges to communicate with friends and loved ones and where they feel safe and at home.

One such channel is Facebook Messenger. And the opportunity is presenting itself to you here and now to start deploying your business’ Facebook Messenger Marketing strategy.

Facebook Messenger Marketing is in prime position to become the world’s #1 marketing channel in the coming years…and the companies who become early adopters of this fast-growing channel are going to have a serious advantage over their competitors.

If you want to come out ahead as the world moves away from email and toward messenger apps, the Chatbot Development service we offer is for you.

Here are some of the primary benefits of Messenger Marketing via a Chatbot to your business:

  1. Create a massive community of engaged prospects and customers that you can reach with your messages in a very cost-effective way
    – Open rates of messages are much higher than traditional email (80% average for messages vs 20% average for email). This also translates into a lower cost per lead.
  2. Segment your customers into a high level of sophistication based on their interaction with your messages
    – This enables you to make laser targeted offers with higher than average conversion rates
  3. Save on your customer support effort (and cost) because a chatbot can easily and immediately answer most of the common types of questions related to your service like business hours, service overview, order status etc.
    – Customers benefit from instant answers and your business benefits from lower support overhead cost

So join the Messenger Marketing trend now and reap the most benefits for your business as an early adopter.

Contact us now to discuss how your business will benefit from Messenger Marketing.