About beOnline Media

Customer Acquisition Specialists

At beOnline Media, our purpose is to introduce new targeted leads to the businesses we serve.

We fulfill this mission by enhancing our clients’ online presence and by creating and managing cost-effective online marketing campaigns on their behalf.

beOnline Media - Digital Marketing Agency.

My name is Neels van Niekerk and I’m the founder of beOnline Media.

I’m passionate about all things digital. Especially in trying to find innovative and efficient ways to match problems with effective solutions using the power of the internet.

In short, my passion is centered around all things involving Internet Marketing.

My experience comes from over 30 years of active participation in the corporate world in industries like systems engineering, industrial automation, and telecommunications infrastructure deployment, in roles ranging from software development through project management to sales and marketing.

I lived and worked in diverse cultures all over Africa and Europe. During the past 5 years, I shifted my focus to internet marketing and established online commerce brands for myself and clients.

Outside of Internet Marketing, my life revolves around my beautiful wife and family and our doxy dog called Mickey. I’m a biker at heart and enjoy all types of outdoor activities.

Currently, I focus my energy on creating services and systems that massively multiply your marketing efforts (and measurable results) through an interconnected world of people and machines.

This interconnected world is available to us through the internet and the wildly popular social media platforms on it like Facebook, Google, Linked In and the like.

This opens up ideal opportunities to present your brand to your target audience at a much more intimate level. It means that you can gain more customers faster and cheaper than what is possible with traditional marketing channels.

To summarize, our focus at beOnline Media is to find and send potential customers to small and medium-sized companies in ways that gives you the best value for your marketing budget allocation.