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The Secret to Getting More Customers That Every Salon Owner Needs to Know

Happy customers are the lifeblood of every business right?

ChatBots - Messenger MArketingThe obvious question I know but how do we as salon owners and managers get more happy customers into our business without heavily investing in time and money in projects like

  • promotions,
  • ad campaigns
  • search engines ranking or
  • get noticed on social media.

When we eventually get the attention of prospective customers, we need to

  • nurture their attention and
  • build trust in our brand

until they’re ready to take the plunge and make their first appointment with us.

Have you heard the saying “First Impressions Last?"
We know it’s true from our own life experience.

That’s why those first few interactions with prospects are the most crucial moments and present the ideal opportunity to tip the scales in our favour.

We absolutely need to create maximum impact while their attention is focused on our brand.

If we don’t strike while the iron is hot, we stand a good chance of losing our new prospect to the next opportunity on their path.
Life has become just too hectic to wait for stuff…

This is challenging under normal circumstance, yes.
And to make matters worse, those first interactions most often  happen outside of normal business hours!

Nowadays that’s the only time that our prospects have to explore new opportunities.

Unfortunately, this presents the next big dilemma:-
>> How do we clear those last few unanswered questions in our prospect’s mind when we’re not around?

They’ll do their due diligence and scan our website and Facebook page and will most likely stumble upon the Facebook messenger popup box on our page.

Fast Funnel Messaging Solution

They’ll see prompting questions like

  • “What services do you offer?"
  • “What prices do you charge?"
  • “Can I make a booking?"

Relevant questions indeed that need answers before they can become a customer.

But all they receive at that critical time is our Out of Office message like “Thank you for your interest. We’ll come back to you as soon as somebody is available."

We diligently answer but quite frankly, the response that arrives the next day (or days later over a weekend) simply gets drowned in most cases by the hustle and bustle of another hectic day at the office.

All the prospecting time, money and effort are lost.
>> Sad but true.

So what now?

What is the secret of getting more customers that every busy salon owner must know?

ChatBots - beOnline Media - Digital AgencyOne credible answer is our Fast Funnel ChatBot solution.

To clarify a bit more, a Fast Funnel is powered by a ChatBot running on a Messenger platform, like Facebook Messenger.

Why? How?

Because all of the questions that are most frequently asked by prospective customers can be answered on autopilot 24/7 every day of the year.
From service descriptions, pricing, location, right up to making an appointment and even paying upfront for the treatment! (with the right tools in place)

Wouldn’t it be just fine to open shop every morning and find a couple of paid-up bookings that arrived overnight while you and your staff were away?

If you’re wondering how it will work, just visit our demo page in the link below and interact with our friendly Fast Funnel Beauty Bot called BiBi.

Her skills, words, and imagery can be adapted to reflect your own business process and branding.

>>>>Beauty Salon Fast Funnel Demo Page <<<<

If you’ve heard of ChatBots before, you must have realized the benefits they can bring to any business big or small.

beOnline Media - Digital AgencyIf not, just know that right now many big corporate brands in the world are going all-in into chatbots, investing millions into developing their own artificial intelligence messaging platforms to help them do anything from customer service, sales support up to complex marketing funnels.

At beOnline Media we are excited to be at the forefront of this new wave of opportunity.

We want to help forward-thinking businesses like yours to surge ahead of their competition by helping them deploy their own Fast Funnel messaging platforms.

So click the link below and test the ChatBot demo on our demo Facebook Page.

Then reach out to us to discuss how you can have your very own Fast Funnel live on your Facebook Page or website within one week from now.

>>>>Beauty Salon Fast Funnel Demo Page <<<<


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